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20150713JRquarte_045 copyJON RONIGER is to NEW ORLEANS what Dante is to the inferno’s paradise. He thrives, and gets his energetic sustenance from the visceral underbelly swooning in the pastels and watercolors of the ever-changing canvas of the NOLA hurricane.

Jon, a New Orleans native, buccaneer, and cosmic swashbuckling songwriter hammers harmonic heaven five nights a week in the horn dazzling bistros and back-beat clubs of the original sin city. He’s infamous for original songs of debaucheries and poetic mayhem straight out of the devil’s den. Simply stated in his song “NEW ORLEANS LULLABY”, he says,

“I love the calamity, that holy insanity, I’m honored to swim in her angelic profanity”.

As goes the voodoo ham hock and the unholy trinity, so goes the sum of the soulful music of Jon Roniger.

With his vast repertoire of seven albums to date, including “Live at the Mint” in 2015, the 2014 “Gypsyland” in which he sings primarily in French, “Dirty Gypsy” in 2013 which boasts an ambitious track listing of 28 acoustic songs, and “NOLA Rolls” as his 2012 EP, versatility comes to Roniger as naturally as eating oysters and howling at a wrecking ball moon. His primary co-writer is the talented gyspy swinger Chris Gantry, who had a #1 hit, “Dreams of the Everyday Housewife” in 1968, and worked with musical legends including Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

When Roniger is not busy stewing concoctions of jazz, folk and blues for his own albums, or writing in a variety of styles for others, he can be found writing and composing music for film and television. You can hear his work in the feature film “Island of Fantasy” (2010), the TV shows “I Used To Be Fat” (2015), “Extreme Couponing” (2015), “Platinum Babies” (2012), various songs on HGTV and a theme song for UK Based company, Bedford for Beds. In addition, he can be seen in a small acting roll for a Belvita Breakfast Snacks commercial from 2014.

A renaissance pirate on the ship of gypsy dreams, Jon Roniger sways with creative mojo. If you can wrap your cocktail
umbrella around this blazing comet, do it! Your DNA will thank you!

Jon Roniger is the exception! Sure, he plays a great guitar and writes good songs, but the difference is his voice – it actually draws the listener in.”

Music Placements

Platinum Babies

I Used To Be Fat

Extreme Couponing
Bensons for Beds (UK)
Loft 54
Faber Entertainment
Cindy Turner
Draftfcb Moscow
Branded Shorts
SBS Belgium


Kayt Jones – “Last First Kiss”

Jenna von Oy EP
“Coffee and Men”
“Coffee Shop Guy”
“Lucky Penny”
“Another Notch”

Kevin Montgomery’s record
“Some Comfort”
“Breakin’ Me Down”

Jon Webber’s album
“Done UP and Stripped Down”
“Wrong Girl, Right Time”